Website Updates

Hi everyone, couple of updates to mention for the website:

- the website is now secured using SSL, so you should notice that the site will change your url from to automatically. If you come across any oddities that may be related to this change, such as a broken image or missing functionality, please try clearing your browser cache first, and if the issue persists, please let us know in the general-helpdesk channel on Discord.

- there are a couple of convenience updates to the "Manual Flight Report" page. The dropdowns for departure and arrival airport now feature a search function, meaning instead of scrolling through a list of thousands of airports, you now simply search for the one you want, either by ICAO or name. Example below. The list is also no longer tied to the airline, which means that you can truly choose whatever route you want in case you have to enter a manual flight report.



More updates and tweaks to come soon!

Posted By: Rod James

News Id: 147 posted on 2022-09-10 00:26:51