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Canada Air Toy Run 2022

Status: Active
Description: It's that time of the year, so climb into the cockpit of your favorite aircraft and help Santa deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls!

Pilots may use any aircraft they wish as long as it has the range and can handle the runway length.

Canada Air Toy Run 2022

Tour Map

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Bradley Sky-Ranch Airport North-Pole (95Z)Allen Army Airfield (PABI)CANTR50C208B63 nm
2Allen Army Airfield (PABI)Elmendorf Air Force Base (PAED)CANTR51A320-200200 nm
3Elmendorf Air Force Base (PAED)Yakutat Airport (PAYA)CANTR52A320-200319 nm
4Yakutat Airport (PAYA)Juneau International Airport (PAJN)CANTR53A320-200172 nm
5Juneau International Airport (PAJN)Watson Lake Airport (CYQH)CANTR54A320-200206 nm
6Watson Lake Airport (CYQH)Yellowknife Airport (CYZF)CANTR55A320-200437 nm
7Yellowknife Airport (CYZF)Hay River / Merlyn Carter Airport (CYHY)CANTR56A320-200105 nm
8Hay River / Merlyn Carter Airport (CYHY)Fort Nelson Airport (CYYE)CANTR57A320-200238 nm
9Fort Nelson Airport (CYYE)Grande Prairie Airport (CYQU)CANTR58A320-200251 nm
10Grande Prairie Airport (CYQU)Kamloops Airport (CYKA)CANTR59A320-200275 nm
11Kamloops Airport (CYKA)Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)CANTR60A320-200139 nm
12Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)Kelowna International Airport (CYLW)CANTR61A320-200155 nm
13Kelowna International Airport (CYLW)Calgary International Airport (CYYC)CANTR62A320-200216 nm
14Calgary International Airport (CYYC)Edmonton International Airport (CYEG)CANTR63A320-200133 nm
15Edmonton International Airport (CYEG)CFB Cold Lake/Group Captain R.W. McNair Airport (CYOD)CANTR64A320-200134 nm
16CFB Cold Lake/Group Captain R.W. McNair Airport (CYOD)Fort McMurray Airport (CYMM)CANTR65A320-200139 nm
17Fort McMurray Airport (CYMM)Thompson Airport (CYTH)CANTR66A320-200449 nm
18Thompson Airport (CYTH)Prince Albert Glass Field (CYPA)CANTR67A320-200313 nm
19Prince Albert Glass Field (CYPA)CFB Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport (CYMJ)CANTR68A320-200173 nm
20CFB Moose Jaw Air Vice Marshal C. M. McEwen Airport (CYMJ)Southport Airport (CYPG)CANTR69A320-200282 nm
21Southport Airport (CYPG)Dryden Regional Airport (CYHD)CANTR70A320-200214 nm
22Dryden Regional Airport (CYHD)Sault Ste Marie Airport (CYAM)CANTR71A320-200386 nm
23Sault Ste Marie Airport (CYAM)Sudbury Airport (CYSB)CANTR72A320-200154 nm
24Sudbury Airport (CYSB)Downsview Airport (CYZD)CANTR73A320-200182 nm
25Downsview Airport (CYZD)CFB Trenton (CYTR)CANTR74A320-20087 nm
26CFB Trenton (CYTR)Trois-Rivières Airport (CYRQ)CANTR75A320-200245 nm
27Trois-Rivières Airport (CYRQ)Greater Moncton International Airport (CYQM)CANTR76A320-200333 nm
28Greater Moncton International Airport (CYQM)Halifax International Airport (CYHZ)CANTR77A320-20089 nm
29Halifax International Airport (CYHZ)Sydney / J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport (CYQY)CANTR78A320-200165 nm
30Sydney / J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport (CYQY)Gander International Airport (CYQX)CANTR79A320-200278 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 6534 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: 95ZLeg: 1 To: PABILeg: 2 To: PAEDLeg: 3 To: PAYALeg: 4 To: PAJNLeg: 5 To: CYQHLeg: 6 To: CYZFLeg: 7 To: CYHYLeg: 8 To: CYYELeg: 9 To: CYQULeg: 10 To: CYKALeg: 11 To: CYVRLeg: 12 To: CYLWLeg: 13 To: CYYCLeg: 14 To: CYEGLeg: 15 To: CYODLeg: 16 To: CYMMLeg: 17 To: CYTHLeg: 18 To: CYPALeg: 19 To: CYMJLeg: 20 To: CYPGLeg: 21 To: CYHDLeg: 22 To: CYAMLeg: 23 To: CYSBLeg: 24 To: CYZDLeg: 25 To: CYTRLeg: 26 To: CYRQLeg: 27 To: CYQMLeg: 28 To: CYHZLeg: 29 To: CYQYLeg: 30 To: CYQXComplete
1Ken B - CAN2502******************************Tour Completed
2Bill B - CAN2536******************************Tour Completed
3Richard P - CAN1052******************************Tour Completed
4Pam M - CAN1933*****                          
5Graham D - CAN1541******************************Tour Completed
6Tom M - CAN3383                               
7Constantin T - CAN1890                               
8Stephane G - CAN3042******************************Tour Completed
9Serge V - CAN1726******************************Tour Completed
10Robby H - CAN1007****************               
11Roy S - CAN1231******************************Tour Completed
12Steve S - CAN3501******************************Tour Completed
13Steve W - CAN3015******************************Tour Completed
14Christian A - CAN3543                               
15Ruberto S - CAN2136*********                      
16Marvin P - CAN3539******************************Tour Completed
17Thomas J - CAN3460                               
18Spencer L - CAN3534                               
19Rory T - CAN3026*******                        
20John F - CAN1003******************************Tour Completed
21Adam W - CAN3364******************************Tour Completed
22Ian C - CAN1811******************************Tour Completed
23Raouf R - CAN3265*                              
24Rudy F - CAN2768                               

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