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Cessna Tour

Status: Active
Description: Join us on our "Cessna Tour". Fly any of the listed Cessna's on any leg of this 30 leg tour that cover's just over 2,000 nautical miles around Alaska.

You have the following eight Cessna's to choose from, C172, C182, C185, C195, C206, C207, C208, C337.

Cessna Tour

Tour Map

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Anchorage International Airport (PANC)Kenai Municipal Airport (PAEN)CANCT1C172SP51 nm
2Kenai Municipal Airport (PAEN)Homer Airport (PAHO)CANCT2C172SP56 nm
3Homer Airport (PAHO)Kodiak Airport (PADQ)CANCT3C172SP118 nm
4Kodiak Airport (PADQ)Akhiok Airport (PAKH)CANCT4C172SP73 nm
5Akhiok Airport (PAKH)Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)CANCT5C172SP146 nm
6Port Heiden Airport (PAPH)Pilot Point Airport (PAPN)CANCT6C172SP51 nm
7Pilot Point Airport (PAPN)Egegik Airport (PAII)CANCT7C172SP37 nm
8Egegik Airport (PAII)King Salmon (PAKN)CANCT8C172SP37 nm
9King Salmon (PAKN)Clarks Point Airport (PFCL)CANCT9C172SP59 nm
10Clarks Point Airport (PFCL)Twin Hills Airport (A63)CANCT10C172SP56 nm
11Twin Hills Airport (A63)Cape Newenham Lrrs (PAEH)CANCT11C172SP61 nm
12Cape Newenham Lrrs (PAEH)Quinhagak Airport (PAQH)CANCT12C172SP67 nm
13Quinhagak Airport (PAQH)Kipnuk Airport (PAKI)CANCT13C172SP67 nm
14Kipnuk Airport (PAKI)Mekoryuk Airport (PAMY)CANCT14C172SP72 nm
15Mekoryuk Airport (PAMY)Newtok Airport (PAEW)CANCT15C172SP59 nm
16Newtok Airport (PAEW)Bethel Airport (PABE)CANCT16C172SP83 nm
17Bethel Airport (PABE)Koliganek Airport (PAJZ)CANCT17C172SP150 nm
18Koliganek Airport (PAJZ)Iliamna Airport (PAIL)CANCT18C172SP71 nm
19Iliamna Airport (PAIL)Talkeetna Airport (PATK)CANCT19C172SP208 nm
20Talkeetna Airport (PATK)Valley Flying Crown Airport (AK27)CANCT20C172SP43 nm
21Valley Flying Crown Airport (AK27)Hunter Creek Airport (AK66)CANCT21C172SP26 nm
22Hunter Creek Airport (AK66)Chitina Airport (CXC)CANCT22C172SP125 nm
23Chitina Airport (CXC)Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport (PACV)CANCT23C172SP72 nm
24Merle K (Mudhole) Smith Airport (PACV)Thompson Pass (K55)CANCT24C172SP42 nm
25Thompson Pass (K55)Chenega Bay Airport (PFCB)CANCT25C172SP95 nm
26Chenega Bay Airport (PFCB)Quartz Creek Airport (JLA)CANCT26C172SP57 nm
27Quartz Creek Airport (JLA)Whittier Airport (PAWR)CANCT27C172SP34 nm
28Whittier Airport (PAWR)Hope Airport (5HO)CANCT28C172SP28 nm
29Hope Airport (5HO)Birchwood Airport (PABV)CANCT29C172SP31 nm
30Birchwood Airport (PABV)Anchorage International Airport (PANC)CANCT30C172SP20 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2095 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: PANCLeg: 1 To: PAENLeg: 2 To: PAHOLeg: 3 To: PADQLeg: 4 To: PAKHLeg: 5 To: PAPHLeg: 6 To: PAPNLeg: 7 To: PAIILeg: 8 To: PAKNLeg: 9 To: PFCLLeg: 10 To: A63Leg: 11 To: PAEHLeg: 12 To: PAQHLeg: 13 To: PAKILeg: 14 To: PAMYLeg: 15 To: PAEWLeg: 16 To: PABELeg: 17 To: PAJZLeg: 18 To: PAILLeg: 19 To: PATKLeg: 20 To: AK27Leg: 21 To: AK66Leg: 22 To: CXCLeg: 23 To: PACVLeg: 24 To: K55Leg: 25 To: PFCBLeg: 26 To: JLALeg: 27 To: PAWRLeg: 28 To: 5HOLeg: 29 To: PABVLeg: 30 To: PANCComplete
1Russ K - CAN2307**                             
2Richard P - CAN1052******************************Tour Completed
3Ken B - CAN2502******************************Tour Completed
4Bill B - CAN2536******************************Tour Completed
5Jean L - CAN1744*                              
6Paul D - CAN1844********                       
7Roy S - CAN1231******************************Tour Completed
8Charles S - CAN3635******************************Tour Completed
9Doug C - CAN1517******************************Tour Completed
10Hans-Ulrich Z - CAN2165******************************Tour Completed
11Ian C - CAN1811******************************Tour Completed
12Ruberto S - CAN2136******************************Tour Completed
13Rudy F - CAN2768*                              
14Rod J - CAN1001                               
15Celso S - CAN2038*************                  
16Alex K - CAN1435******************************Tour Completed
17Serge V - CAN1726******************************Tour Completed
18Rudolfo S - CAN3700******************************Tour Completed
19Richard S - CAN3710                               
20Tomas L - CAN3707******************************Tour Completed
21Steve S - CAN3501******************************Tour Completed
22Jeka K - CAN2824                               
23Gerald P - CAN3717****                           
24Tony S - CAN3425******************************Tour Completed
25David C - CAN3745************************       
26David B - CAN3059                               
27Raouf R - CAN3265*                              

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