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Northwest Territories Tour

Status: Active
Description: This tour takes us to the most extreme, remote, and isolated towns, airfields, and settlements in the Northwest Territories making it a challenge for the most experienced pilot in the art of aviation, navigation, and patience. To the experienced and veterans the beginner and novice good luck.

(Aircraft substitutions: Propeller aircraft or helicopter only, no jets permitted)

Footnote: It would be wise to select the right aircraft for the airfield conditions.

Northwest Territories Tour

Tour Map

Tour Flights

Leg Departure Arrival Flight Aircraft Distance
1Tuktoyaktuk Airport (CYUB)Aklavik/Freddie Carmichael Airport (CYKD)CANNWT1QD-10084 nm
2Aklavik/Freddie Carmichael Airport (CYKD)Inuvik Mike Zubko Airport (CYEV)CANNWT2QD-10034 nm
3Inuvik Mike Zubko Airport (CYEV)Fort Good Hope Airport (CYGH)CANNWT3QD-100167 nm
4Fort Good Hope Airport (CYGH)Norman Wells Airport (CYVQ)CANNWT4QD-10073 nm
5Norman Wells Airport (CYVQ)Tulita Airport (CZFN)CANNWT5QD-10038 nm
6Tulita Airport (CZFN)Wrigley Airport (CYWY)CANNWT6QD-100116 nm
7Wrigley Airport (CYWY)Prairie Creek Airport (CBH4)CANNWT7QD-100106 nm
8Prairie Creek Airport (CBH4)Fort Simpson Island Airport (CET4)CANNWT8QD-100100 nm
9Fort Simpson Island Airport (CET4)Whatì Airport (CEM3)CANNWT9QD-100137 nm
10Whatì Airport (CEM3)Rae Lakes Airport (CYRA)CANNWT10QD-10059 nm
11Rae Lakes Airport (CYRA)Déline Airport (CYWJ)CANNWT11QD-100170 nm
12Déline Airport (CYWJ)Great Bear Lake Airport (CFF4)CANNWT12QD-100127 nm
13Great Bear Lake Airport (CFF4)Diavik Airport (CDK2)CANNWT13QD-100268 nm
14Diavik Airport (CDK2)Tundra Mine/Salamita Mine Aerodrome (CTM7)CANNWT14QD-10035 nm
15Tundra Mine/Salamita Mine Aerodrome (CTM7)Lutselk'e Airport (CYLK)CANNWT15QD-100100 nm
16Lutselk'e Airport (CYLK)Taltson River Airport (CFW5)CANNWT16QD-100123 nm
17Taltson River Airport (CFW5)Fort Smith Airport (CYSM)CANNWT17QD-10029 nm
18Fort Smith Airport (CYSM)Hay River / Merlyn Carter Airport (CYHY)CANNWT18QD-100124 nm
19Hay River / Merlyn Carter Airport (CYHY)Fort Providence Airport (CYJP)CANNWT19QD-10060 nm
20Fort Providence Airport (CYJP)Jean Marie River Airport (CET9)CANNWT20QD-10088 nm
21Jean Marie River Airport (CET9)Fort Nelson Airport (CYFL)CANNWT21QD-10018 nm
22Fort Nelson Airport (CYFL)Trout Lake Airport (CEU9)CANNWT22QD-10061 nm
23Trout Lake Airport (CEU9)Fort Liard Airport (CYJF)CANNWT23QD-10068 nm
24Fort Liard Airport (CYJF)Mount Flett Airport (CBN6)CANNWT24QD-10026 nm
25Mount Flett Airport (CBN6)Fort Nelson Municipal Airport (CYFG)CANNWT25QD-10066 nm
26Fort Nelson Municipal Airport (CYFG)Fort Simpson Airport (CYFS)CANNWT26QD-10030 nm
27Fort Simpson Airport (CYFS)Edzo Airport (CRE2)CANNWT27QD-100156 nm
28Edzo Airport (CRE2)Yellowknife Airport (CYZF)CANNWT28QD-10049 nm
Total Distance Of Tour: 2512 nm

Pilot's Progress

START: CYUBLeg: 1 To: CYKDLeg: 2 To: CYEVLeg: 3 To: CYGHLeg: 4 To: CYVQLeg: 5 To: CZFNLeg: 6 To: CYWYLeg: 7 To: CBH4Leg: 8 To: CET4Leg: 9 To: CEM3Leg: 10 To: CYRALeg: 11 To: CYWJLeg: 12 To: CFF4Leg: 13 To: CDK2Leg: 14 To: CTM7Leg: 15 To: CYLKLeg: 16 To: CFW5Leg: 17 To: CYSMLeg: 18 To: CYHYLeg: 19 To: CYJPLeg: 20 To: CET9Leg: 21 To: CYFLLeg: 22 To: CEU9Leg: 23 To: CYJFLeg: 24 To: CBN6Leg: 25 To: CYFGLeg: 26 To: CYFSLeg: 27 To: CRE2Leg: 28 To: CYZFComplete
1Steve S - CAN3501****************************Tour Completed
2Richard P - CAN1052************                 
3Roy S - CAN1231****************************Tour Completed
4Ken B - CAN2502**********************       
5Bill B - CAN2536***************              
6Rudolfo S - CAN3700****************************Tour Completed
7Ruberto S - CAN2136*************                
8Paul D - CAN1844                             
9Robby H - CAN1007                             
10Christopher C - CAN2393                             
11Rudy F - CAN2768                             
12Scott L - CAN2507****************             
13Hans-Ulrich Z - CAN2165*********                    

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